Friday, July 06, 2012

Back Again

It’s been a while. Not for any particular reason. Life has just been getting in the way. I am working strange (although not necessarily unpleasant hours). For instance, I am working this weekend, but don’t start until post-lunch, and I had today off and will have Monday off too. I’ve also been looking into training to be a solicitor. Very tempting, but would involve a lot of money and time. I wouldn’t start it this year anyway, so there is time to consider my options. I had a job interview on Wednesday. Whilst I thought some parts of it went well, I thought I was lacking direction in other parts. I would be surprised if I get it, but we shall see. There have been some amusing and interesting things going on, but I am not feeling inspired right now. I shall endeavour to bring some delight to the world of blogging in due course.