Monday, September 17, 2012


Some new tenants moved in upstairs last week.  They are there for a month.

On Saturday morning I was sitting in the living room watching TV and G came in and said that there was water dripping through the bathroom ceiling.  I went and knocked on the neighbours' door and introduced myself and then explained that there was water comign through.  The woman responded "tell the landlord".  I explained that it was due to water goign over the side of the bath (this also happened with the previous tenant) and she just repeated that I needed to tell the landlord.  I said I would but that it needed to be dealt with now because water was coming through right now.  She then asked if I was saying she could never have a shower again.  I was a bit astounded by all this and explained that wasn't what I was saying, but that I needed the water to be dealt with.  I have no idea how we concluded the conversation, but the water did stop a while later, and I texted her landlord.

One of my other neighbours knocked on the door tonight and said, amongst other things, that the new neighbour was drying her washing by hanging it on coat hangers out the front windows.  My neighbour was not impressed.  I needed to text their landlord about something else and so politely tagged on to the end that it wasn't very nice to have someone's washing hanging out the windows and could she ask her tenants not to do it again.

This is going to be a long month.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I like the City Dasboard that has been compiled by UCL.  The London version of it is probably the most interesting.  Perhaps I am biased because that is where I live, but it also has the most data in it.  You can change the city in the top right hand corner.  Other cities include Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff and Brighton.

Monday, September 03, 2012


I am loving the Paralympics.  Despite my previous comments about Channel 4's coverage, it has actually improved a lot and is now much more enjoyable.  We went to the Paralympics on Friday and the atmosphere in the Olympic Park was as great as during the Olympics.  We were there for about nine hours and so enjoyed the day.  My nephew didn't want to leave because he was enjoying the wheelchair basketball so much.  We are back there tomorrow night though to watch the athletics.  I am really looking forward to it.

If you are watching the swimming later, please support Susie Rodgers.  I have met her and she is really lovely - and could be on for Gold later.  Come on Susie!