Thursday, November 29, 2012


If you live in England or Wales you can look up local eateries here and see how they did when they had a food safety inspection.  I was appalled by the ratings for some of the places near where I live.  Some of the places where I have eaten will not be receiving my custom any more…  A few of my local restaurants received a score of 1.  I suppose at least they didn’t get a 0.  You can also check for Scotland, but the information is a bit patchy and you seem to need to get the information via your local authority.  Wherever you live, check it out.  It is very enlightening!

I am wondering how the kitchen areas where I work would be rated.  I am sure the canteen is fine, but the place where we make a cup of tea is perhaps not so hygienic.  There is a dog at work and I found out this week that his owner cleans his food and water bowls using the sponge provided for us to wash our mugs etc with.  Today his owner was spotted washing a tennis ball that belongs to the dog.  My colleagues seem divided about whether it is unhygienic to share a sponge with a dog.  I know which side of that debate I am on…