Sunday, October 28, 2012


G is much better and went back to work for a few hours last week and is due to be back full time this week – although we’ll see how that goes.  We are eating an anti-inflammatory diet, which basically means a low GI diet, which basically means lot so fibre.  I shall say no more.

I changed jobs about a month ago and that seems to be going ok.  The thing I have found most challenging is going to and from work at peak commuter times.  I have done that for years, but from May to September this year I was working shifts, including weekends, and so missed out on traveling during peak times.  It was so nice, and I find it really hard being crammed into tube trains with hundreds of other people who are equally resentful as me of the experience.

A couple of the other flat owners and I are now in charge of the management and maintenance of where we live.  We want to appoint a management company to run the place for us.  However, the freeholder objects to this (she owns two of the flats, which she rents out, and doesn’t want to pay the costs of a managing agent).  We seem to be in some kind of stand off because she has failed to hand over the service charge money, which is in line with previous tactics of hers to basically fail to carry out repairs etc in order to force us to be compliant with whatever she wanted us to do.  We will have to see who “wins” in this scenario, although I suspect none of us will given that it will make it very difficult for us to work together in future if we can’t trust the freeholder to even abide by the law – which requires her to hand over the money.  Ho hum.

Friday, October 05, 2012


G had an infection last week that looked a bit like a red somewhat angry patch of skin (nowhere intimate I might add!).  Antibiotics were prescribed (twelve per day) and painkillers were taken.  Improvements were not apparent.

On Wednesday, my mum took G to A&E to get it looked at.  A few hours later, G was being operated on under general anaesthetic and, somewhat suprisingly, was discharged that evening.

G then had to go to the GP to get the dressings changed.  The first time was today.  This was the first time it became totally apparent what had been done.  A somewhat deep wound had been packed with material to prevent the wound from healing wrongly.  G thought it was likely a magicians trick was being performed pulling all this "stuffing" out.  An excruciatingly painful magicians trick, which caused tears to cascade down G's face.

The wound was then cleaned and repacked.  G will have to go through the same process again every couple of days.  The next appointment is on Monday, but if the dressing doesn't last, we'll have to go to A&E.

It has to be said that G is milking it and is using me as a personal slave. I've even had to cook dinner.  I feel very hard done by.