Monday, August 22, 2011


Let me tell you a story that sums up a lot of the mood I see in London these days.

On Friday I was in the lift at work. I work in a building that is predominantly occupied by a company that is nothing to do with who I work for, and we just rent a small space there. The lift stopped at a floor and one fellow passneger said to another "Can you move that bag?"

On the floor was three large bags of McDonalds. The only way for the man to get out was for him to step over it.

The McDonalds consumer replied "Oh come on, you can step over that."

The lift leaver said "Show some manners and move the bag."

The McDonalds consumer told him to step over the bag.

The lift leaver then kicked the bag across the lift and walked out.

The McDonalds consumer turned to (the very silent) fellow passengers in the lift and said "He is a bit angry".

No-one said a word in reply.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


We went to the gym today.

A personal trainer took us through a session. This was not meant to be part of the plan.

I am now unable to walk up or down stairs.

Who said the gym is meant to be good for you?

Send help.

Monday, August 01, 2011


It was my birthday yesterday and I had a very pleasant birthday weekend. Mind you, it wasn’t hard to improve on my birthday last year, most of which was spent looking for garden chairs.

This year I had lunch with some ex-colleagues on Friday and then went for a drink with a couple of other people. Then G and I went for dinner at the Gilbert Scott restaurant at the St Pancras hotel. On Saturday, we went for a picnic at a National Trust place and then on Sunday my mum cooked lunch and baked a cake (and I had to convince her that she really didn’t need to make any scones to add to the three course meal plus cake).

Fortunately, last week, for the first time ever, I went to the gym. I will be making a return visit tomorrow…