Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We had a barbecue at the weekend. Despite the best efforts of the weather to dampen it for us, we all seemed to have a good time. My carpet looked less than pleased, what with all the mud trampled on to it, but I managed to get that cleaned up. The only problem now is that we have far more alcohol than we had when we started the day and nowhere to store it all. We might have to start giving it away to people at any possible opportunity.

Over the weekend, I also managed to find a way to change my broadband provider that means that we won’t have to pay anything for it for the next year. I do like to be able to track down a good deal…

Someone at work has leant me a book by Tove Jansson called Travelling Light. I will try and read that soon (although I have a large number of books already waiting to be read). However, if you already like her as an author or want to find out what she is like, tonight is your perfect opportunity. At 9pm tonight on BBC Radio 3, The Hothouse, a short story from her book Travelling Light is being broadcast. There is also a programme on at 7.45pm about Scandinavia called The Summer House and that will also have excerpts from some of her books (I think primarily The Summer Book). Have a listen if you get the chance. Enjoy.


Kahless said...

I havent had a bbq for years!

Claire Wilson said...

A bbq in the rain - typically English ;-) Sounds like a good night, though.

And, wow, wish I could find free broadband for a year. I've just had to change my package because, since we got rid of the television, we've been watching movies etc on the internet. Ouch.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - it woudl be so easy to buy a disposable bbq and chuck a few choice items on. Give it a go!

Claire - We soldiered on despite the weather. I think we would have struggled this weekend though as the weather this Saturday was dire.

I did get a really good deal on the broadband. Could you watch films by some other means? Maybe through lovefilm or similar - something that involves a fixed subscription but gives you lots of viewing pleasure.