Monday, November 15, 2010


I bought some new bulbs for the kitchen last week. They are energy saving bulbs that are to replace some other energy saving bulbs that took a long time to warm up. Not only do these bulbs light up instantly, but they are so much brighter than the previous ones that we are concerned that an aircraft might accidentally come into land. I went into the kitchen one evening last week and G was in there wearing sunglasses.

I got my first Christmas card on Friday.


poet said...

sounds like something i would do (sunglasses)

the neighbour across the street has those super bright lights, and when their kitchen lights and yard lights are on, we don't need to put our outside lights on ;) even the street light dims in comparison. ;)

have a great day~

Random Reflections said...

poet - I'll see if the neighbours start complaining!

I hope all is well.