Sunday, April 01, 2012


I can’t wait to be off for Easter. Not a moment too soon. Mum has been doing pretty well since her operation, although she was really tired. But last Friday night she phoned to say she was going to A&E because she thought she had a blood clot. We went and met her at A&E and over three hours later we were able to all go home with a probable diagnosis of blood clots and a commitment from G to administer mum’s injections to thin her blood.

The next morning, mum phoned to say that the pain had got much worse and she needed to go back to hospital because the pain had got much worse overnight. So we went back to the hospital and they carried out lots of tests. After several hours, mum was officially diagnosed with blood clots and they also found a shadow on her lung. For a while it looked like mum would have to stay in hospital, but in the end they decided she could go home. G had to continue administering the injections until other medication kicked in. Mum went back to the hospital on Monday and she was then diagnosed with pneumonia, which is what the shadow was on her lung.

Mum’s operation a few weeks ago went remarkably well, and when they did the biopsy they found more cancer, which shows that it was the right decision to have the mastectomy. But the complications of late have been more trying for mum (not that the operation or recovery was a pleasant experience for mum). Fortunately, mum is a very positive person and has been very resilient to all of these developments. She still retained enough presence of my mind that when the leaflet turned up from the local Baptist about Easter services (yes, *that* local Baptist church) she tore it up and threw it in the bin.


TF said...

Random, Hope all stays positive for your Mum.

Easter! Lay off the chocolate eggs now ;-) TFx

Random Reflections said...

TF - Thanks. Mum seems to be going ok.

I hope you have good Easter. Take care xx

Cornish Dreamer said...

Hi RR. I hope everything is okay with your Mum.
Claire x

Kahless said...


Random Reflections said...

Claire - Thanks mum seems to be doing well. She is very resilient! I hope things are good for you. Take care xx

Kahless - thank you. I hope you are doing ok and things are going well. Take care xx