Monday, September 03, 2012


I am loving the Paralympics.  Despite my previous comments about Channel 4's coverage, it has actually improved a lot and is now much more enjoyable.  We went to the Paralympics on Friday and the atmosphere in the Olympic Park was as great as during the Olympics.  We were there for about nine hours and so enjoyed the day.  My nephew didn't want to leave because he was enjoying the wheelchair basketball so much.  We are back there tomorrow night though to watch the athletics.  I am really looking forward to it.

If you are watching the swimming later, please support Susie Rodgers.  I have met her and she is really lovely - and could be on for Gold later.  Come on Susie!


C said...

I think i'm enjoying the paralympics more than i enjoyed the olympics - Johnnie Peacock was amazing last night

Random Reflections said...

C - thanks for your comment. Welcome.

I think I too have enjoyed the Paralympics more. When I went to the Paralympics last Friday I so loved beign there and said to someone at work that I thought I had enjoyed that day more than I had going to the Olympics. This slightly horrified her as I had seen the final night of Olympic athletics in the Stadium with her. Oops!

Then this Tuesday I saw the athletics in the Stadium again and it was just so amazing. So amazing. I was still on a high the day after.

I think the moment of the Games I found the best was Louise Watkin swim the final leg of the 4x100 medley last night. I was blown away by that. I thought she was brilliant.

I have already signed up to updates from the Commonwelath Games so I can go to Glasgow in 2014!