Saturday, January 19, 2013


Iceland was great.  Despite wondering whether we would spend most of the time in darkness while we were there, it was actually fine – although the sun didn’t rise until about 10.30am.  Reykjavik is a very nice city and the landscape is really interesting.  You probably have to like views and venturing out in the cold (at least in winter) to really enjoy Iceland, but it is a good place to visit.  We are not thinking of going to northern Iceland at some point.

It was difficult to adapt to going back to work.  This was helped by me not being able to find a pair of shoes to wear for work.  Emphasis on the word “pair”.  To the casual observer they matched, but should anyone have undertaken to scrutinise my footwear in detail they would have noticed that all was not as it seemed…  After a few days, I did finally manage to find two shoes that did genuinely match.
You might well be aware of the news story at the moment about horsemeat being an ingredient in Tesco Value burgers.  The BBC has run a story called What is actually in a value burger?  That is an almost pointless story.  Whilst it explains the rules around levels of meat content, it lists the ingredients of a value burger as:

  • Beef, chicken or pork, depending on the type of burger, mixed with:
  • Onion and/or onion extract
  • Fat
  • Flour or rusk
  • Dehydrated meat powders
  • Stabilising chemicals
Source: Tesco, Asda

Isn’t the reason why this story has come about because a) horsemeat was not listed as one of the ingredients and b) Tesco seemingly had no idea that horsemeat was in the burgers.  Giving the list of ingredients as recorded on the packet or getting Tesco to say what the ingredients are does not necessarily answer the question of what is actually in the burgers.   The reason this story is in the news is that there was a “mystery ingredient” in the burgers.  Surely then this article has just totally missed the point??

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