Thursday, December 09, 2010


I seem to have sent a lot of complaints recently:

I complained to Tesco that when I was in one of their stores last week I saw staff reducing the price of sandwiches and salads and before they put the items back on the shelf they put them on the floor. That is so unhygienic and I just had to complain.

I complained to the National Trust that a gift membership I ordered for my sister was left on my doorstep (although one of my neighbours saw it later and took it in) and then when I opened it the packaging etc to the membership pack was all torn.

I complained to Amazon that a delivery turned up and one end of the box had totally collapsed and someone had stuck it back together with tape, and the top of the box wasn’t sealed properly so that anyone could have just put their hand in the box – although as the side was open, why bother with going in through a more traditional route??

I am hoping that this is the end of my complaints for 2010!


poet said...

good for you for speaking up. it is not complaining, it is reporting! just like being a nosey neighbour is just "being aware of your surroundings". have a GREAT day~

Kahless said...

Psychic Kahless reckons there is one more complaint to be made in 2010

Random Reflections said...

poet - for all the good it does!

Kahless - you could well be right. My solicitor still hasn't sent me the lease he said he'd send me in June, so this could be my next complaint...