Friday, December 10, 2010


I went for a team lunch on Tuesday. We ate so much food that I think we all just wanted to go for a nap afterwards. We went to a Spanish restaurant and the food just kept coming, and we just kept evening. I then had some training for my volunteering in the evening and I wasn’t desperately keen to go, but I decided I should. When I got there I found out that we weren’t going to do any training and instead we were going out for a meal – at a Spanish restaurant. It was a different one to earlier in the day fortunately, but I really did not need any more food. And yet, I managed to graze my way through a fair bit of tapas nonetheless. I am going to have to run a marathon to work all that food off.


Pam said...

Tapas twice in a day ? Delicious.

Kahless said...

Good luck with the marathon!

Random Reflections said...

Pam! I hope you're well and things are good for you. It was delicious but I really needed expandable trousers.

Kahless - actually one of the people I had dinner with in the evening ran a half marathon and the next day got bells palsy, so maybe I should avoid any form of running.