Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I am on about book number four or five so far this year and have lots of books that I already have lined up to read. Despite that, I have been tempted by Sarah’s reading challenge over at her blog. It is open to all, so feel free to join in too.

It is as follows:

Ten books, one from each category. Some books would fit more than one category making it ridiculously easy: so no crossovers within the challenge! Ten unique and distinct books are required.

1. A book that has been previously abandoned

2. A re-read. Didn’t quite get it/thought there was more/made promise to self to re-read? Time to make good.

3. A book that has sat on the shelf, like, forever. (Decades.)

4. A book that paralyses one with dread.

5. Investigate a canonical writer hitherto most shamefully overlooked.

6. Seek out a book by an author who has earned ostracism by being so good that any further novel could surely never measure up…?

7. And the opposite… That author who was supposed to be really good, but didn’t go down too well? Give him/her another go!

8. Take a chance. Read a book which you would rather not. For instance when the OH says ‘you’ll really like this’ and you’re thinking ‘no, I really won’t…’

9. A book from an unfamiliar genre.

10. Ask a friend (preferably a person of impeccable taste, and definitely not someone who might have an axe to grind) to choose a book that you will, in their opinion, like. (This does not mean ask a dozen people until you get the right answer!)

I am still pondering some of the books to read, but some thoughts so far are:

2.On the Road by Jack Kerouac
3.Crime and Punishment – Dostoevsky
4.Possibly some Samuel Beckett
9. Neuromancer – William Gibson (borrowed from the library yesterday)
10. One Day – David Nicholls (a colleague recommended this to me the other day. I did say I had seen Deirdre Barlow reading it on Coronation Street once, which had slightly put me off, but she is going to lend me her copy anyway.

That’s about half the list so there is still much thinking to do.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the plug, and I am intrigued by your list so far.

I hated Crime and Punishment, but I did read it as a teenager and it was not the right book for me at the time. Very interested to see what you think and if I should read it again.

Samuel Beckett? Seems to fit the bill!

I haven't read any William Gibson and feel I should... Will keep an eye out for that one appearing on your blog. Hope you have fun and don't end up cursing me!

Claire Wilson said...

That sounds like a great challenge. I might, now that I'm back into reading, give it a go :-)

Random Reflections said...

Sarah - I think it is a challenging mix of books. Perhaps I am just mad! I seem to be stumbling a bit in my reading at the moment. I started a book but couldn't get on with it and so started another and have been taking ages to get going with it. Today I read some of it for the first time in a week.

I will have nobody to blame but myself if I have made bad choices!

Claire - Go on, give it a go! It's a great way to try out some books that you might not normally choose. Enjoy.