Monday, January 24, 2011


Life seems very hectic at the moment. It isn’t even the end of January and I already feel worn out. Work is busy. Life outside of work is busy. Things are just generally busy.

We’ve just booked to go to Devon for Easter though, so at least we can have a break then, if not before.

I read a blog sometimes called The School of Life. Recently one of the contributors wrote about a project to increase people’s happiness. But there is a part of me that wonders if that is not a strange ambition in itself. It’s not that I think there is anything wrong with being happy, but I am not sure I see it as a purpose in its own right, but more of a bi-product of the things that we do. Maybe I am just too cynical, but it seems very self-indulgent to aspire to happiness in that way. But perhaps that is why an initiative is needed.


Kahless said...

I went to uni in Devon. I love the place. Dont forget to have a Cream Tea!

Random Reflections said...

kahless - I might even stretch to more than one cream tea... We'd better do lots of walking...

lemonpillows said...

I think too many people strive 'to be happy', without actually thinking what would make them happy.

Unless you know what happiness means to you, you will NEVER get there, and thus will always be miserable.

You gotta take pleasure in the little things in life. Smile at people, do a good deed for someone, put on some happy music and just jump around a bit.

I was one of those people - striving for happiness. I became MUCH happier when I stopped doing that.

Random Reflections said...

lemonpillows - that's a really helpful comment. I am pleased you have found a way to get more pleasure out of life. I think that's the thing. Happiness is a bi-product rather than an end in itself and you are more likely to find it by trying to do things that are fulfilling.