Thursday, March 24, 2011


I seem to have fallen out with a colleague at work. We are both somewhat opinionated at meetings and whilst often we are in agreement, today I think we both just wound each other up. I was really annoyed and so had to revert to silence to keep my seething to myself. It is very rare that I get really annoyed at work, it is only work after all, so not something that is worth getting upset over, but I was really angry about the way I was spoken to and my views dismissed. We exchanged a goodbye at the end of the day, but that was it really. I am not in work tomorrow. This is probably for the best.

It’s disappointing though because we actually get in very well. It is also my last week in the job next week. I also don’t like to be on bad terms with people. But my annoyance has not subsided as yet.

I’d like to be a nicer person. I’d like to feel that I could get to the end of the day without causing harm to the world around me. But I feel these aspirations are regularly tested and I am coming up short. I would like to think I am a work in progress, but I am not sure in which direction I am progressing.


Claire Wilson said...

It's so easy, sometimes, to fall out with people. I hope you manage to patch things up before you go.

Some people are never aware that they are causing harm to the world around them. That you want to go through a day without causing harm is progress in itself. :-)


p.s. In case you're interested, I have a new blog now. You can find it at:

Nick said...
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The Gripes of Wrath said...

Considering I work in such a small staff team, it's a miracle we haven't all killed each other, we fall out so frequently.

Actually, we don't fall out - we passive aggressively brood and send curt emails.

Then we buy biscuits.

It works for us.

(-and unless you are actively malevolent/David Cameron I'm fairly sure you aren't causing much harm, beyond the quotidien grind on the planet... Deep breaths, sunshine. Deep breaths! You are nice enough, quit creating new sticks to beat yourself with and GET OUT OF LONDON! It harms the soul, I swear...)

Random Reflections said...

CW - Good to hear from you. I think we'll patch it up, not least because we are going out for dinner and a drink on Tuesday night. But she sent me a text today, which although I don't think this was her intention, seemed to suggest that she saw the problem yesterday as being rooted with me. I have nothing polite to say in response, so I have not replied.

Thanks for the info on your new blog. I am pleased you are back blogging again and that you are beginning to get back on track.

Gripes! I hope your well, and not still spamming people (for anyone else who reads this comment, that is a joke. Gripes is not a professional spammer).

I am not sure what I would think of being part of a very small team. I think I would find it difficult to cope with only having such a small mix of people. I think death would be inevitable. I work somewhere that has about 100 staff at the moment and there is a lot of passive aggression etc, so I will multiply that up to get an idea about where you work.

I think you are entirely right that London is not good for the soul. It is very depersonalising and to deal with it, I think you have to block out so much or else you would end up going mad or on a killing spree.

I did make the most of the sunshine today though and enjoyed wandering about in that.

I can also confirm that I am not David Cameron. Honest.