Sunday, April 10, 2011


A speedy update.

The new job is going well. Everyone is very friendly and really helpful.

Someone who I used to work with texted me on Friday to tell me about a rumour that is being circulated about me there. It’s nothing very serious. It just reminds me why it was good to leave there. I would have thought people had better things to talk about. I am going to someone’s leaving do from there on Thursday so we’ll see how that goes…

I have decided how to vote in the AV Referendum. I am going to be voting “yes” i.e. we should change the voting system. If I get the chance, I will try and explain my reasoning here (assuming I can articulate it). When I thought about it and spoke to a few people, I realised that it wasn’t a hard decision at all and would be a massive missed opportunity if the system doesn’t change. Up the revolution.


Kahless said...

I am leaning towards no because AV will lead to less tory governments!!!! Ha!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless, Kahless, Kahless - if I didn't like you so much, you'd be banned!