Saturday, May 07, 2011


I was disappointed that the AV referendum went with the “No” campaign. This was one of the best opportunities we were ever likely to get for people to have more of a say in how the government is formed. But the people have spoken.

I feel I might be able to give some insight into how the “No” campaign managed to win though. My sister went to vote and took my six year old nephew with her. He wanted to know what she was doing when she was standing their in the Polling Booth. So she read him the question and asked him what she thought. He said he thought the answer was “no”, so my sister told me she went with that*. If you voted “no”, you voted the same way as a six year old. Just so you know.

When my sister told me this tale, I replied that this was why women should never have got the vote.

*Just to spare my sister’s shame, she is actually a perfectly intelligent person and had already made up her mind about how to vote.


Kahless said...

Obviously a child genius

Lemonpillows said...

I'm gutted. People just weren't sure what AV actually was. Thanks to the scare stories by the no camp. People are generally stupid. And with a paltry 30% turn out maybe we don't deserve democracy..

Random Reflections said...

Oh Kahless, Kahless, Kahless, I despair of you...

Lemonpillows - I am very disappointed by the result, and I think a lot of was that people didn't get what AV is, as you say. the no camp tactics were pathetic. Now the Tories will change to constituency boundaries and guarantee their nice safe seats. Now there's democracy for you.