Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My mum's op seemed to go pretty well. I worked from home a couple of days last week so that I could make mum lunch etc and then G came over in the evening and cooked dinner. I even changed mum's dressing on Sunday. I am squeamish...

My dad is more of a challenge though. He is a very odd man. I noticed last week that dad only washed one hand after he has gone to the toilet. I asked him if that was the case and he confirmed it was. Let's not even think about the logic that will have made him think that was sufficient. However, we had garlic bread that evening and I made sure that it was cut into separate pieces so that he didn't need to use both hands to tear the bread.

We were there again on Sunday. Dad wasn't speaking to mum due to some misdemeanour from the night before that mum couldn't even remember. G cooked a curry for lunch and dad didn't bother to come to the table for about 10 minutes and then ate in silence for ages. He did finally speak, and at some point he and I disagreed about something that I also now can't rememeber. A few minutes later, as dad left the room he told me that he is going to remove me from his will*. He's such a charmer. Mum must find him such a great support.

*I rather doubt this will become a reality seeing as he would want mum to phone the solicitor to make the appointment and then drive him to the solicitor's office.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


We saw a preview of the new version of Footloose a week or so ago, and thought it was pretty good. Somewhat shallow, but also quite humorous. I don’t know how this happened, but I don’t think I had ever seen the original film. We watched this weekend, and whilst this is probably sacrilege to say this, I think we preferred the new version. It was very similar than the original, but was just “reorganised” in a way that seemed to work better. My sister is decidedly unimpressed when she asked what I thought...

We went to a friend’s wedding yesterday and had a really good time at that. We had never met her fiancé before, but he was very friendly and welcoming when we arrived. When they had their first dance, I instantly twigged to the significance of it and afterwards I congratulated my friend on the choice – and she said that she’d said to her fiancé that she thought I was the only person who would realise, so I am pleased I lived up to my billing!

Mum is having surgery tomorrow. My sister is going to be with her all day at the hospital and all day Tuesday. I am then going to work from home on Wednesday and Thursday to offer assistance. It will be good to have some progress.

I often look at the blog Big Happy FunHouse and I really liked this post. A nice reflection on how people deal with life.

Monday, October 03, 2011


It's been a busy few weeks. I worked a couple of night shifts and survived. I stayed at my sister's, and it was nice to collect my nephew from school a couple of days. We're actually thinking of moving much closer to my sister. It is cheaper. (Still London prices. It's all relative.) We have no strong reason to live anywhere in particular, so we thought we might as well consider moving to the same sort of area as my sister. The plan is put our current place on the market at the beginning of next year, in the hope of being moved into somewhere new by June.

The fly in the ointment is that my mum was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I hadn't really expected it to be anything when mum went for tests, but unfortnately it was. It hasn't stopped my dad from being grumpy and bad tempered. Where we currently live is close to my parents' house, so we'll see how it goes with mum's treatment and then make a decision at the beginning of next year.

It would be really nice to have a house though, and we have a very long list of requirements and possibly not the money to match it!