Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here at last

It’s been a while. Not due to anything in particular. It’s just been busy at work and I have been arguing with my freeholder about various things.

I have done nice things though. We went to the Pizza Express Jazz Café and saw Eddi Reader, which was really good. We saw Noises Off at the theatre on Friday night, which was excellent. We’ve caught up with various people and have been trying to make sure we do nice things at the weekend.

I am even more frustrated that we cannot buy a house any time soon. The freeholder has gone into overdrive in terms of trying to push us about. She has refused to pay for the repair to damage in my flat caused by her builders – ultimately she has said I will get some money for it but through a convoluted route, and got as many digs in as possible as part of that. She basically told me I was wasting people’s time and that was the only reason I would get any money. I haven’t actually got the money as yet though.

She also accused me of deliberately misunderstanding something she had written and various other charming accusations. Except, I hadn’t made any comment on the thing subject she was accusing me about. Really bizarre.

She told me I needed to pay for some protective measures for the chimney because I was responsible for some damage to it. The professionally qualified gas engineer who came and assessed it for me totally disagreed with her view and basically said she had no idea what she was talking about.

She won’t provide me with any evidence that a claim has been made on the insurance about a separate matter, but requires me to pay several hundred pounds to cover the excess.

We already know that she might well try and double the maintenance charges later in the year.

I have spoken to a solicitor and my neighbours and we are going to try and oust the freeholder because she has just become some unreasonable.


TF said...

Waht a bummer re: landlord.Oust away, I say. Keep smiling :-)

Random Reflections said...

TF - Sorry for the slow reply. Things are moving on in the process, and I hope that shortly we will formally start the legal process. What a relief it will be to have control over our own homes!