Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My car is being serviced today and despite knowing that is what I need to do today, I am still feeling a bit paranoid that I will still walk out the front door, straight past my car and head into work - like I did a few weeks ago when I was meant to be getting my bumper repaired. I still feel as though I have no short term memory at the moment.

I had my mid-year review yesterday and that went well. My boss seemed really pleased with how things are going and said that he thought I should think about promotion at some point, but I told him that I am just not interested (which he knows, but wanted to reiterate this anyway). If the right job came up then I might consider it in order to do that particular role, but beyond that I have no interest in promotion. I used to have ambition, now my priorities in life are to have a good work-life balance and to get home in time to watch Home and Away. I’m a simple soul.

Scarily, this is post 900...



WOW! 900! That be a lot of posts - I've only done 300 odd and at times I run out of things to say.

Word verification is obake. So what cake are you baking us then? TFX

Random Reflections said...

TF - do you think that running out of things to say has ever stopped me blogging?? I think 300 posts is pretty good going!

I might be able to bake a nice chocolate cake. I'm actually giving someone a really nice cake book tomorrow (I have a copy myself), perhaps it should inspire me.