Thursday, June 03, 2010


It was only about 5pm yesterday that I saw there had been that shooting in Cumbria. What a terrible thing to have happened to so many people who were just going about their ordinary lives. G and I went out for a walk for half an hour last night and, despite walking along quite back streets, saw three different policemen either on bikes or in cars. I wondered if they were out to show a visible presence and reassure people (not that it happened anywhere near London).

It was hard to get back into work mode yesterday. I pottered my way through the day and got everything done, but really I was still in holiday mode. We’d also had some office moves over the weekend, so it was a bit chaotic at times, but during the course of the day, various things got sorted out. One of the other teams had their monthly meeting and when one of them came back from the meeting early I briefly explained why things had been moved about a bit. He absolutely bit my head off, and it was only when the others came back that I found out he had walked out of the team meeting. As much as my team might get miffed about things at times, I have never had that happen. I feel there is a bit of tension in the office at the moment and today I need to have a word with someone from my team who sent me a very stroppy e-mail last week. The joys of management.


Claire Wilson said...

I remember in my management courses that change is one of the hardest things for a workforce to deal with. I think it sounds like that but I'm sure they'll all get around it in the end.

And what awful news about the Cumbria shootings. I read about it today and it makes me feel sad. So random and out of the blue. The poor families.

Random Reflections said...

CW - There is a lot of change and uncertainty at work at the moment, and I think that is having an impact. Times are uncertain.

The news about Cumbria shows how easily a moment can change people's lives. It's very sad for all concerned.