Monday, October 18, 2010


Last week I got an email from my boss at the organisation I am seconded from and he said he is taking a redundancy package that means he needs to go this week. I was really shocked to get the e-mail and it made me feel quite sad as he is a really nice chap. He is also my contact with my parent organisation and so I don’t really know who I will contact in future. So I had better see if I can find someone else to be my contact.

I talked to one of my neighbours and we are drawing up plans to oust the freeholder. Hopefully we can do so fairly soon, as I saw the letters the freeholder wrote to two of my neighbours, which were so unprofessional and also rather threatening. We need to get rid of her. Soon.


Kahless said...

Can you legally get shot of a freeholder?

Anonymous said...

If the majority of leaseholders in the property want to buy, the freeholder is forced to sell.

My neighbours hate our freeholder. His name is poison when we get together. I sit there blissfully ignorant as I rent my flat so the freeholder is my landlady's problem not mine...

It has made me very wary of buying an apartment though. I desperately want a little freehold house because the freeholder causes my neighbours no end of grief.

Good luck to you!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - yes (as soupy says). We did look into buying the freehold but my neighbours couldn't afford it, so we gave up on that idea. So we are now looking at the rather less expensive option of exercising our right to manage.

soupy - Based on my experience to date, I would not recommend buying a leasehold place. But my solicitor assures me that if you get the management right i.e. use your right to manage that it can be no problem at all. I await convincing.

I hope you get your little freehold house some time soon.