Friday, October 22, 2010


It’s been an “interesting” week:

It started with getting stuck on the tube for two and a half hours on Monday.

On Wednesday I went to a lunch time do to mark the departure of my last boss. I felt really sad by the end of his speech. I had a chat with him and he clearly has mixed feelings about going, but being made voluntarily redundant worked out well for him. So now he has a whole new more relaxed life ahead.

After that lunch I went to a management meeting and one of the other managers ended up in tears, recovered a bit and then walked out of the meeting. We had a chat afterwards and she seemed a bit better by then, but was not looking very happy yesterday either. She did also tell me off for not telling her she was looking a bit rough and said that we needed to develop a relationship where I was more direct with her about things like that. I feel this might be a challenge, as it has never struck me as terribly polite to point such things out.

Then another manager spoke to me for a bit because she is also feeling really rubbish. So we chatted for a bit and she vented her frustrations. I don’t feel work is a very happy place at the moment.

I am actually feeling as though I have a bit more head space at work at the moment, so am feeling reasonably positive. I feel I am out of kilter with most of my colleagues.


K said...

Yet, you are able to remain so calm. I have always admired your ability to rationalize difficult situations/people.

poet said...

i hope you will be able to have a restful w/end. take care of you~

Kahless said...

I can understand why people at your place are feeling stressed.

Take care

Random Reflections said...

K - Thanks. I try and make myself look at a situation and see if I can make a change. If I can't then what is the point in getting stressed about it (depending on what the situation is, as it is not the same as being powerless because someone has taken your power/ choices away).

poet - thank you. I had a very restful weekend. I hope you did too.

Kahless - thanks. I hope things are rather more positive for you.

Take care xx

Kahless said...

I am back at the hospital on tuesday. I made a schoolboy error of assumption. Because the radiographer said that my kdineys were fine and pointed out the gynae issue, I thought that meant I was A-OK elsewhere. Never assume! The hospital rang me on friday and I am back on tuesday when they are going to put a scope into my bladder. eek!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - Thanks for the update. I am sorry things are not yet resolved. I hope Tuesday brings good news for you.

Take care xx