Friday, January 07, 2011

Late Again

Is it 2011 already? I feel I might be a bit behind the times… I went back to work on Tuesday after over two weeks off work. It was a shock to the system. I wish I was still on leave. I need to come up with a get quick rich scheme.

The return to work was “challenging”. There were various crises to deal with on my first day and by the time I had got to the end of Tuesday I was glad it is only a four day week. Things seemed to have calmed down a bit now, but life would be very much easier if I didn’t have to work with other people (despite the fact that I do actually work with some very nice people).

I read the story about birds falling out the sky in the US and Sweden and am now wondering if FlashForward is coming true. Prepare for the blackout. Make sure you are wearing clean underwear. You heard it here first.


poet said...

when you figure out a 'legal' get rick quick scheme, sned me notes ok? hope the rest of the first month of 2011 goes smoother for you. ;)

lemonpillows said...

I was disappointed FlashForward didn't get a second season. I thought the exact same thing when I read about the birds!

Happy New Year to you :)

Random Reflections said...

poet - if I find the answer, I'll let you know!

I hope 2011 is going well for you.

Lemonpillows! Happy New Year to you too! I hope you're well.

I am pleased to see that great minds think alike. I think series 1 was written with two further series in mind, so it was always going to be inconclusive. G is actually reading the book of FlashForward at the moment, so maybe we will finally have some answers after that.