Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How not to get more business

I got a letter from my mortgage provider a couple of days ago. The letter started by reminding me that I might die or get a serious illness and that I needed to have cover in place in vase this happened. According to their records I don’t have any cover. They would be phoning me to discuss this.

Let me interpret this letter for you. “We have noticed that you don’t have your mortgage protection products with us. We would like to make some money out of you by phoning you to tell you that you might die. You don’t actually have to have your mortgage protection products with us, nor do you have to tell us who those products are with. But if we phone you, you might be willing to divulge these details and we might also persuade you to change providers for these products.

We want to make money out of you – and remind you again that one day you will die. We look forward to talking to you.”

I wrote back to them by return of post and told then not to write me letters like that - a paragraph telling me I might die, was not a great opener (and they should at least have bothered to use headed paper). That suggesting I don’t have the required products in place was incorrect and I did not want them to phone, as I had nothing to discuss with them.

I may have put it slightly more politely than that but I think they will have gathered that I was not impressed.


Kahless said...

I hate advertising that tries to get in on either scaremongering, or under false pretense.

What provider?

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - this wasn't actually advertising. It was a letter written specifically to me by one of their financial advisers.

It was from Nationwide. I am yet to hear back from them...