Friday, June 19, 2009


I have been on a course for the last three days, so am wondering if there is going to be a massive pile of work waiting for me when I get into the office. I have been keeping up with my e-mails, as I can check those at home, so at least there aren’t those to deal with. Yesterday evening I spent quite a bit of time doing some work because someone had given me something really complex to look at earlier in the week and I want to have it pretty much sorted by the end of today. I have to keep up with the pace of work because if I get behind it will be difficult to catch up.

It is all about perspective though, as however bad things may ever get at work, at least I am not the pilot who died on this flight... or the co-pilot who had to bring the plane into land... or the doctor who was on the flight and determined that the pilot was dead and then very probably had a moment of thinking “and I hope it’s not me next given that there is now no pilot”. I imagine that wasn’t a great time for anyone involved.


Kahless said...

There always happens to be a doctor on board eh?

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - perhaps that is a good thing. Maybe flights can only take off if there is a doctor registered as a passenger. It would be unfortunate if it was a doctor of literature or similar.