Thursday, December 10, 2009


My freeholder has been driving me mad for ages – due to her complete inability to communicate about the work she was having done on one of the flats she owns and on my request to extend my lease. She finally wrote back to me yesterday (after me pointing out to her that I had been waiting four months for a reply, despite chasing letters!) and she suggested a price. The price is fine, but her reason for suggesting it is “to be friendly”. To be friendly?? Whilst I accept the sentiment (and I am getting a reasonably good deal), I think she sums up the problem with her understanding of her role as a freeholder. It’s a business relationship and therefore taking four months to deal with things is not acceptable. We’re not mates (and haven’t even been friendly with each other of late given her complete inability to deal with things or follow through on the things she has agreed).

Of course, there was a sting in tail because she also explained that she will be writing shortly to ask for the building insurance plus £7000 to carry out works. Fortunately, I will have to speak to a solicitor anyway about the lease extension so will seek advice on what I should be asking her for to substantiate a demand for that amount of money – and given that there is a huge deficit due to her failure to collect maintenance money for a number of years, I am wondering whether it should be for us to make up that loss. Very possibly yes, but a lawyer might have another view. I feel that I need to get the lease extended before I go into battle though.


Kahless said...

Mrs K and I have engaged a solicitor over a particular civil matter. It has cost us a bomb and we seem to be still stuck in treacle.

So good luck! And be careful you dont end up with one that charges a lot and you get no-where.

Saying that the word verifcation is doothe - which I translate to DO THE. Maybe a prophesy? Or maybe too much Barcardi on a friday?

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - My solicitor seems a decent sort and keeps giving me free advice. I am sure the bill will ultimately make my eyes water though.

So what did you end up doing following blogger's inspiration? Or did you just have another Bacardi?

Kahless said...

I had a wapping hang-over on Saturday!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I hope it has now passed and isn't the reason for your lack of blogging recently.

Kahless said...

I havent drunk since friday night.

We are going out at work on friday afternoon and the company is paying so I could have a hangover again this saturday.

but I need to go shopping though and get christmas presents this weekend.

Actually I realised today that my lack of blogging activity has been down to stress.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - work paying for a Christmas do? We are lucky if we ever get a free sandwich at a lunch time meeting!

I hope you don't have a hangover because imagine it will be crazy at he shops on Saturday so going out sooner or later might save you from much pain.

I am sorry that you have been stressed of late. I hope things get calmer for you - and that you return to blogging more often soon.