Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Three of my team were off sick yesterday. One had swine flu. One probably has swine flu and the other has a bad cold. Somebody else didn’t come in because her central heating broke. So there was a grand total of us three of us in. I think the rest of the office was grateful we work in another building, as clearly we need to be in quarantine.

We put the Christmas decorations up last night. That took quite a while and clearly should have been on the chores list (as an annual chore), as it took up a lot of time. We are now only willing to do things if we get full credit for it. We have possibly released a demon by drawing up the chores rota.

Tonight G and I are meeting on Oxford Street to try and finish the last bits of Christmas shopping. After tonight we should pretty much be done, although extra present requirements seem to keep appearing (I have now had to buy two different Secret Santa presents), but hopefully the Christmas shopping agony will soon be over. I am very short of Christmas present ideas though and a few people have asked me what I want and I have no suggestions at all. My normal suggestions of a house or world peace don’t seem to cut it.


Becky said...

Not sure how I arrived on this blog but its been good looking through your posts. You have just reminded me of our secret santa thing at work. I already bought the gift before I chose the name this time..so I had to sneakily put some names back ...oops lol !!

Random Reflections said...

Becky - welcome and thank you for leaving a comment. That is certainly an interesting approach to Secret Santa. Choose the gift and then select the person to give it to. It could save a lot of tears though. The person I am giving a Secret Santa gift to today I have only ever spoken to about once so he was not the easiest person to buy for.

Kahless said...

Finished christmas shopping??????


I havent started yet!