Thursday, December 17, 2009


It was snowing in London yesterday. My team asked if they could go home. I told them that they couldn’t but we should go and play in the park (even though the snow wasn’t settling at all) but they didn’t want to build snowmen (with no-existent snow), so we just carried on and did our work.

I was talking to one of my team later in the day and I was saying that I don’t like books or films that are violent to which she said “I love things that are violent. I don’t even really notice how bad it is and I can’t be trusted to take children to see films because I can’t tell if they are unsuitable. Do you see why some people say I have serial killer tendencies?” I couldn’t decide whether it was polite to agree or disagree. In the end we just agreed never to make film recommendations to each other.


Kahless said...

I hope you dont sit with your back to this person at work.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - she is directly in my line of vision, so I can keep a close eye on her! We are actually moving desks at the beginning of January so I will make sure I choose carefully.