Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am currently on a regime to try and avoid eating sugar. I have a
very sweet tooth and so it is not an ideal plan for me, but I am hoping
that it will reap rewards – not least avoiding a bit of a rush of sugar
followed by more of a plummet. But, I have to make sure that I am not
denying myself things – so it isn’t about going hungry, it is about
instead of having something sweet, finding something savoury to have

It isn’t just sugar in things like chocolate bars, it has also meant
(for a while at least) re-evaluating my breakfast. I have marmite on
my toast, so that is ok, but I have had to search about for a cereal
that doesn’t have much of a sugar content – and that primarily boils it
down to All Bran.

Have you looked at the back of a box of All Bran? It is primarily
filled with ways to disguise that you are eating it. It suggests you
put a couple of handfuls into the cereal you normally have or that you
put it in a lasagne, chilli con carne or bran muffins. It is hardly a
way to encourage purchasers to feel that All Bran is something to be
enjoyed in its own right. I am not quite sure how much they paid their
marketing people to come up with that strategy.

It was, therefore, with some trepidation that I opened the box of All
Bran. But I need not have feared, it is nowhere near as bad as their
marketing strategy might suggest. Perhaps that is the way they work
though, make people feat the worst and then it can only get better.

I shall soldier on with my (relatively) sugarless life, but am going to
have to find something to guy with a nice cup of tea in the evening
sometimes. Needs must.


Claire Wilson said...

Does that mean no Dairy Milk bars or other similar chocolate?! That sounds very brave.
I have to admit that I was surprised to see how much sugar goes into cereals nowadays. I mean: sugar in muesli?! I always thought that muesli was supposed to be healthy.
Good luck! Hope you manage to stick to it.

Random Reflections said...

CW - yes, no chocolate... and I could just do with some now. But we are going out for dinner tomorrow night, which I imagine will not be sugar free, so I am trying to be good.

I really like muesli, but am also shocked by how much sugar is in it. I might try and make some at some point instead. If I can summon up the energy.

Claire Wilson said...

lol. I found a recipe for muesli the other day...I couldn't summon up the energy to make it either!
Surely dark chocolate would be okay? ;-) I admire the willpower to avoid eating chocolate!

Random Reflections said...

CW - I think dark chocolate at 70% is ok. But I am more of a milk chocolate fan really. Not that I woudl turn it down if I was offered it.