Thursday, April 24, 2008


On the way into work yesterday morning I went to change trains as normal and could see a passenger talking to one of the station staff on the platform. Initially I couldn’t quite work out whether they were having a friendly chat or if she was annoyed (as weird as that may sound). Anyway, as it turned out she was annoyed and I could hear the station chap politely explaining to her that if she tired to go down on to the tracks they would have to call the police. It was then that I saw a mobile phone on the tracks and it seems she had dropped it there. He said that they would retrieve it for her after 9.30am which was about an hour away and she was so unimpressed and then seemed to think that I might lean over the platform edge and steal her phone and practically elbowed me out of the way while I stood there waiting for the train to come in. I suggest you hang on to your phone tightly when you’re out and about.

I was talking to a colleague yesterday about various things and while we were talking he suddenly told me that he’d been unwell recently. Apparently when he was on leave a couple of weeks ago he was rushed to hospital because he seemed to be having a heart attack (this chap is in his forties). They ran tests and in the end decided that it was actually stress induced by work. While we were talking he said that he felt a tightness in his chest. I asked if he had told our boss about it and he said no and that I was the only person he had told. I said that I thought he should perhaps say something, but he just said “no, you can’t afford to show any weakness here and if I tell them that’s what they’ll see”. I despair. I do still think he should say something, but he says he won’t and it’s not my place to tell people at work. I did, however, assure him that if he ever collapsed I would try and resuscitate him - and then further assured him that I would be happy to punch him in the chest any time he liked. I like to be helpful.

Anyway, if you live in London and are wondering who you should vote for, you could try this website. Just answer some questions and it will tell you which of the candidates you’re most aligned with. I should perhaps get G to do this. We were talking on the phone the other night and G was reading the candidates booklet (we have very interesting conversations) and was threatening to vote for the BNP*. I assured G that if that was the case that not only would it be vote day but also ‘dumping day’.

*This was a joke by the way. G would never vote for the BNP.


titration said...

Did that woman want to get hit by a train or want someone else to? Crazy!

And yes it does sound like you and G have very interesting conversations! :)

Random Reflections said...

titration - I know. She was actually American, so maybe you woudl have more of an idea of how her mind works!

By the way, the BNP are a very right wing party who have some very worrying views. Unless you live in the UK you probably wouldn't know who they are and I refuse to link to their website.