Monday, April 07, 2008


Another weekend over and it was the opportunity to experience pretty much any type of weather you can think of – sun, rain, snow, thunder, lightning. Perhaps it was the beginning of the apocalypse and I just failed to notice.

Anyway, Saturday G and I went to see one of G’s friends. That was a really nice day. I’d never met this chap or his wife before but we just chatted away and ate lots. They have a little girl who is about 14 months old and she is learning to sign. She isn’t deaf, but it seems that one of the things young children can learn these days is signing, which means that even though they might not be able to speak yet they can still communicate what they want. So, if they are in pain or want a drink they can sign that rather than leaving perplexed parents trying to work out why they have a screaming child in front of them. I just thought it was so simple and was really impressed by it. I am now trying to learn the sign language for “a cup of tea”, so that I can get G to brew me a cup in the morning without me having to speak. Although to date, a sharp poke with my elbow has been found to be remarkably effective.

I saw that Charlton Heston died yesterday. Whilst best known for his acting, he was also known for being the president of the National Rifle Association in the US. Maybe someone can finally prize that gun from his "cold dead hands".

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