Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Having the day off work was a good start to the week. I got my TV repaired, despite John Lewis giving the repairman the address of somewhere I haven’t lived for over 3 years and almost booked a trip to Madrid. We were trying to go by train, but after various problems trying to book on RailEurope’s website I phoned them and they tried to book it on the phone instead but the prices were getting extortionate so we decided it would be better to fly, but we definitely plan to go on a long train trip sometime soon.

Afternoon tea was very nice and we sat and ate sandwiches and cakes and scones and sipped tea for about two hours (and G also drank champagne). We both decided that this was definitely much nicer than being in work.

Today it’s back to work though and what I think will be a very busy day. At least it is only a four day week.


The Gripes of Wrath said...

Scones are always good. M'beloved makes most excellent scones... although she hasn't for a while, what with being ill and all that... In restrospect, I should have known something was wrong when the baking urge stopped! I msut try tempting her with a big bag of BeRo in a few weeks time to check if the medication is working...

Anyhow... Champagne and scones... Was it perchance G's birthday? Or was she just celebrating being let free from her domestic chores for a day ;o)

Kahless said...

Extortionate is a nice word. We priced up seville by train. It was £1000.

Random Reflections said...

Gripes - Feel free to send down some samples of scones. I have made them once and they turned out prety well, despite the dodgy oven I was using. Yes it was G's birthday on Saturday, but I was away then.

I had meant to get in touch about your dear lady's health problems. All sound a bit concerning. I hope things are looking a bit brighter.

Kahless - It would have been about that for the two of us. I think the chepest we could have doen it for, if those seats had still been available was about £200, which given it also saves you two night's accommodation wouldn't be too bad - and it would also be a good experience. We might do it some time but book a long way in advance.