Monday, February 09, 2009


I had a nice weekend. One of my housemates from university and her husband came to stay on Saturday night. G did all the cooking on Saturday night and for Sunday lunch and I just had to wander round looking pretty. It’s difficult being me sometimes. We did also finally exchange Christmas presents, as we haven’t seen each other for a few months, so that was good.

I have to say that I am getting rather bored with the BBC constantly acting as the nation’s moral guardian at the moment. First there was the Russell Brand/ Jonathan Ross incident and now Carol Thatcher has been sacked from The One Show and most recently, Jeremy Clarkson was censured for insulting the Prime Minister.

I am no fan of Carol Thatcher or Jeremy Clarkson, but think the BBC has not handled wither situation well. Carol Thatcher described someone as looking like a golliwog. I don’t really know quite what I think about what action the BBC should or shouldn’t have done about that as such, but what annoyed me about the BBC was that when Carol Thatcher apologised they said that her apology wasn’t sincere enough. So now the BBC is the expert on whether an apology is ‘up to the grade’. You can see the video of the BBC commenting on it here.

The BBC then also spent a lot of time reporting on Jeremy Clarkson calling the Prime Minister a “one eyed Scottish idiot”. I don’t like Clarkson at all, but found it somehow bizarre of the BBC to then spend most of Friday constantly repeating his slur of the Prime Minister because they were reporting it as “news”. Apparently you can talk about the Prime Minister as a “one eyed Scottish idiot” as many time as you like when it is part of a news story.

No-one would have known about Carol Thatcher’s comment and most people in the UK would not have been aware of Clarkson’s either, but because the BBC kept repeating the stories via their news channel, things that could have been dealt with in a rather more low key way instead have now been lodges as stories in the minds of most of the country’s population. I just find it somewhat hypocritical that the BBC acts all outraged and yet constantly repeats the stories so that people hear about it.

Anyway, in other news, be safe out their people, there’s a storm on its way.

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