Monday, February 23, 2009


It’s a Monday and I’m not in work. What bliss. G and I are going for afternoon tea today, so we have taken the day off work. I am glad we did anyway, as it was a very busy weekend and we didn’t get back very early last night.

I went to a wedding in Sheffield on Saturday and dropped G at the Leicester Service station on the M1 and G was collected by a friend and went to Nottingham. The wedding was really nice and the couple looked so happy, despite the bride practically sobbing her way down the aisle. There was no wedding cake and instead there were scones, jam and clotted cream.

My friend’s parents were very disappointed that it wasn’t a church wedding and the next morning I was having breakfast with them and they said they had enjoyed the day “despite the parts that were missing” (meaning God). Given that they were not impressed by him living with his girlfriend I did think that perhaps they should just focus on the fact that he is now married and not be too concerned about the circumstances of it.

Yesterday I then drove to Nottingham to meet up with G and we spent a while there and went for a walk and did various nice things. It had been a bit of a traumatic weekend for G’s friends, as they were all visiting the sister of one of them and she has just had a baby, but her husband is not about, as a couple of days before the birth he fell off the wagon (he’s an alcoholic who is sober a lot of the time but when he starts drinking again it happens quickly and with big consequences). She has had to have all the locks changed etc but he turned up on Saturday night and was trying to get in and was being very abusive. It all got quite nasty and upset everyone. Fortunately people managed to try and life the mood and enjoy the party they were holding for the arrival of the new baby.

I was really tired by the time we got back last night, so it has been a leisurely morning and the TV repairman is about to arrive…

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