Wednesday, February 04, 2009


There was a pretty low turn out at work today. My boss couldn’t get in. He told me he would have had to walk 3 miles to the nearest open station. I reminded him that our policy is that you have to walk for 4 miles or an hour if transport isn’t working. He ignored me. Regardless, I am not sure a) how many people actually walk four miles per hour because that is actually pretty quick going and even less achievable in bad weather and b) what if you walk 4 miles/ for an hour and haven’t actually got anywhere useful. Do you then have to wait there until the end of the working day before you can then walk 4 miles/ for an hour home?

I had a traumatic experience yesterday. I phoned to get a dental appointment to be told that my dentist is about to retire. I have been seeing the same dentist for 33 years (or since I first had teeth, which is a bit less than 33 years ago. I have only ever seen one dentist in my whole entire life. One. And he’s retiring. And he didn’t tell me. Or ask my permission, more importantly. The receptionist didn’t even break it to me gently. She offered me a range of other dentists. I said I’d have to call back. I hung up and phoned my mother. I told her the dentist is retiring and asked why she hadn’t told me. Apparently this was news to her too. We have the same dentist and he is actually a friend of the family. She’s going to phone him at home and quiz him about his retirement. Perhaps he will now do home visits. My parents have a power drill in the garage, so he could travel light. Actually I phoned another dentist and have an appointment on Tuesday. The first time I will have seen another dentist in all my 33 years of life. I have less than a week to prepare. *gulp*



Oh By Gum! TFx

Random Reflections said...

TF - I despair!


With a toothless grin ?

Kahless said...

Choose new dentist with care.. there are a lot of shiesters out there!

Random Reflections said...

TF - This is beguming ridiculous!

Kahless - I am somewhat nervous and the dentist I am not going to see on Tuesday doesn't want to see my old records, which I thought was odd.

At least it is only a check-up and I can find another dentist if I don't like them.