Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The news on TV last night was so depressing. Dead police officers, pirates killing people and people dying under the care of the NHS. I really must give up watching the news. Fortunately next week I will be in Madrid and so won’t be able to understand a word of the news, so this may mean that I can exist in a bubble safe from any bad news stories.

I ordered some Euros via the internet on Sunday and need to go and pick it up from a Post Office. They phoned and wanted to speak to me and when I called them back. They asked for my postcode and first line of my address, my date of birth and then we discussed the branch from which I was going to collect the money. All of this information was what I had given them so I wasn’t really sure how this was a security procedure. I couldn’t work out how any of this showed that I hadn’t made it up or was any more legit – and in fact I had used my parents address because I have never got round to changing my bank account details. Maybe I have missed the point somehow...


Kahless said...

Post Office on the internet do have the best rates.

On the high street, go with M&S (they are better than going into the post office.)

The euro is so poor at the moment isnt it.

Hope you have a fab time in Madrid. Looking forward to the photos!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I will probably get pitying looks every time I try and spend money, if they realise I am British.

I'll try and take lots of photos, hopefully there will be lots of sun too!