Monday, March 02, 2009


I had quite a busy weekend. It was my sister’s birthday on Saturday so we went over their yesterday and had lunch and ate cake and so on. It was all very pleasant, apart from spending time with my father, who I managed to argue with. This time over the rather pathetic issue of whether some food should be covered up while it was cooling. He tried to get G involved to decide the issue and then I got annoyed about that because he always tries to make people take sides and also the argument was nothing to do with G and dragging other people in was not helpful. My sister, surprisingly, didn’t get annoyed with me for having an argument with dad, but instead in a constructive way just told me not to let him get to me because he isn’t worth it.

G has been sleeping so much better over the last week or so. I think the reason for this is… Paul McKenna. G has been feeling desperate about not sleeping properly because it has got so bad. I gave G a copy (by request) of Paul McKenna’s book “I can make you sleep” which also comes with a CD and within a day or so G’s sleep improved really noticeably. G now has much more energy and is feeling so much less tired. This is primarily due to listening to the CD rather then reading the book. I have no idea if it is the CD or just the psychological effect of thinking that this could make a difference, even if it is just a kind of placebo effect. The downside is that G has been a bit like Tigger in the morning, when I am not always at my most enthusiastic, and I have had to ask G to stop being quite to excited and enthusiastic a couple of times, but the difference is remarkable. I hope it is a long term change because sleep makes such a difference to quality of life. Anyway, if you have trouble with sleep, maybe it is worth a go…


Kahless said...

I can sleep anytime anywhere!

Glad PMcK has helped G.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - sleep is not generally a challenge for me either. G is not so fortunate though and so has really benefited from some extra sleep. I hope it continues.