Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The barbecue was good, but one of the best things that came out of it was – and I know I can trust you to keep a confidence here – G fell off the vegetarian wagon. G confessed to me that there was some chicken eating that took place on Saturday and since then we have eaten chicken *together*. This is indeed a major event and might mean that I get to eat meat on a more regular basis. But I am trying not to celebrate too much in case G regresses.

I am reading a book called Vertigo by W.G. Sebald at the moment. I am not much of a fan. Anyway... on the back of the book there are a number of quotes, one of which says:

“...the fact that W.G. Sebald chooses to tease, dazzle and mystify should not blind us to the fact that he does the one thing that every novelist should do: he entertains, provokes, stimulates and inspires”

If the writer of that review rates himself as being good at English, I hope that he is more realistic in his assessment of his ability at Maths.


Sarah said...

I am trying to translate "make hay while the sun shines" into something suitably chickeny. Might be best to just stick with the hay analogy.

Have been planning to read Austerlitz for some time... which people either love or hate. Reviewer reviewed; karma!

Kahless said...

Yea for G
Yea for you

and indeed, the reviewer cant count.

Random Reflections said...

Sarah - the sun may have stopped shining already.

I might give Austerlitz a go some time...

Kahless - yea for carnivores!

Perhaps I should drop the reviewer a note.