Friday, August 28, 2009


The meeting went ok with my team. Strangely they actually wanted more objectives set for them. I also talked to them about bonuses and, with a million caveats, explained to them what the situation was. The team was hitting a bit of a lull (despite to having been their most productive month to date, in which they again broke all records for work completed) and actually the meeting managed to pump a bit of enthusiasm back into them.

So, this weekend we are going to a posh hotel for two nights. I am leaving work early and will make my way to the hotel and then spend a relaxing couple of days in London. As a Londoner, apart from because of tedious work things, I have never stayed at a hotel in London. That is hardly surprising, given that I am a Londoner, but this will hopefully give a new perspective on the city and for a couple of days I will be a tourist and just relax – and not have any commuting. We are also going for a very nice meal tomorrow night with my mum and sister and shall generally have a very decadent time. It’s a hard life.


The Gripes of Wrath said...

Enjoy your posh free hotel in the heart of the metropolis and your fancy dinner of gastronomic delights surrounded by people who love you. *mutters bitterly*.

(I will be going to Pets@Home this weekend. Might even venture to B&Q. Anyone envious? Anyone? No? Didn't think so...)

*Actually, last night we went and got some "culture" at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and then went for a "fancy" burger at GBK at a bargain price... So not exactly a life of hardship, but even so... a free hotel? What did you do? Blackmail them? Convince them you were from an prestigious magazine? Tell them you were really Alex Polizzi "Hotel Inspector?"(who really should get her sinuses looked at, poor love.)

Random Reflections said...

Ah Gripes 'twas a lovely weekend, in a lovely hotel.

Sounds as though you had an enthralling weekend - you have to take pet ownership seriously and can't just be flitting off for weekends away.

Your Thursday night sounds good and I would have liked to have done something like that myself.

It was free because mum helped to organise a charity dinner and she won it as a prize. My dad refused to go because he is mean and grumpy, so she gave it to me and G. We're not ones to turn down nice weekends away.

We do watch the Hotel Inspector and I reckon we could try and blag it though.

Kahless said...

I hope you had a fab weekend in the posh hotel.
What did you sightsee?

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - it was great. The main things we did were go to Borough Market and visit the London Transport Museum, but we just generally soaked in the ambience. I feel we now have a taste for staying in nice London hotels.