Friday, August 07, 2009


My mum came round last night. She came to pick up some theatre vouchers because we are meant to be going to the theatre next week and also to drop off some paperwork which is for G and I to have a two night free stay in a very nice hotel in London. When mum left it was pouring with rain and I was about to say that it was like a monsoon and then I remembered that a monsoon is not actually rain, even though that is how we normally use the word, but describes a wind. So I think I said something like “what a lot of rain”. I think I need to find a new word.

We are having a barbecue this weekend, so I am hoping that rain holds off tomorrow. We have pretty much all of the food and need to spend tonight doing some cleaning and making things a bit more presentable. I think this will be about the first time I have actually done anything in the garden other than mow the grass and the odd bit of gardening.

Have a good weekend all.


Kahless said...

Hope the builders dont spoil your BBQ!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless, Kahless, Kahless - your comment is uncanny. The builder will be here tomorrow because they have run over on the work. They will be fitting new windows overlooking the garden. I had to have a conversation with the freeholder tonight to see if anything could be done. But it seems not. she has asked the builder to be gone by 2pm, but he isn't a very nice man so it wouldn't surprise me if he over ran to deliberately cause disruption. Grrrrr.

CoatMan said...

How about "it's raining cats and dogs", or "what a downpour", or "it's like a tropical storm", or "the precipitation is especially rapid this afternoon"?

Random Reflections said...

CoatMan - excellent suggestions. I shall make a not and make use of them at the earliest possible opportunity. Although I hope we don't get too much heavy rain in the near future.