Thursday, October 22, 2009


The course went pretty well yesterday and the feedback was all very good – and the new bosses was very complimentary, which was pleasing and hopefully it will have convinced them that they cannot possibly survive without me.

Last night I spoke to the woman in my team who is in hospital. She is still there and it seems they have now identified that she has an enlarged heart. They don’t seem to have worked out why this is the case or what can be done about it. I asked her a few questions but she said that without her usual source of information - Google- she was a bit stumped. I was actually sitting in front of my computer when we were discussing it but didn’t really think it was wise to offer to look it up for her in case I made some terrible discovery about life expectancy or some such thing.

Anyway… A couple of nights ago I realised that sometimes it is good to take advice. I got on the tube was about to sit down when someone told me that seat was wet. I put my hand on the chair and said it didn’t feel that wet, so said I would sit there anyway. But after a couple of minutes I realised that I should perhaps have heeded that person’s advice as the dampness seeped through my trousers in greater and greater quantities. By then though I felt that I had rather committed myself to sitting there and felt I had to abide by my decision – and in fact giving up the seat would have made it available for someone else, which would have just passed the problem on. So I endured it, but took my trousers off when I got home and had to wash them as they were very wet and had also picked up a somewhat unpleasant odour. Sometimes it is worth listening to the advice of strangers.


Blue soup said...

I find it abhorrent that someone would piss on a tube seat, but I don't think it is uncommon.

Hope you aren't too scarred by the experience. And I suggest you wash the trousers on a hot wash. To hell with the environment on this one.

Spudgy said...

If someone says a seat is wet its usually cause they have seen the cause or witnessed soemone else for tube and buses....never sit down! The inside of your toilet is most likely cleaner.

Congrats on the course going well

Random Reflections said...

Blue Soup - I'm not certain what the substance was, but it certainly didn't smell very pleasant. My trousers were instantly washed, but I think I will wash them again! I hope you are well.

Spudgy - But my poor legs were worn out and there was an enticing seat waiting for me. Little did I know why. Perhaps I need to carry some plastic to sit on in future.

Thanks on the congrats.

lifechick said...

Sometimes we insist on experiencing things ourselves to verify the truth. This quality isn't always helpful to our well-being (or that of our trousers)!

Random Reflections said...

lifechick - I think I certainly paid the price for wanting to be an independent thinker! My trousers are still traumatised and not keen to experience new seats.