Friday, October 23, 2009


So, unexpectedly, yesterday I found out about my job and also the future of my team. The news is that I can stay on in the office for longer (until at least the end of the financial year) but my team is being disbanded. Another team will be created that I might or might not manage and might have people from my current team in it but might not. So it is all a bit uncertain, but I do have a job and I do also have a slightly miserable team, as they were very disappointed by the news that they were being split up (as was I). I will have a team to manage but at the moment it isn’t clear who that will consist of, but all should become clear over the next few weeks. So I am pleased, but a bit disappointed.

Anyway… G and I went out for dinner with my mum last night, which was very pleasant and didn’t cost very much either as we redeemed some TopTable points. The restaurant was very busy, and so there was a fairly quick turn around on the table, but the food was very nice.

When I got home I phoned the woman from my team who had been in hospital and found out she has now been released, which is good news. I told her what the decision was about the team and she wasn’t very happy about that and said she would talk to the others and think about what she will do. At least she is on the mend now, so that is good.


anothercookiecrumbles said...

It always sucks when that happens. They had announced that they'd be doing some *restructuring* in our world this time last year. The mood at work, in general, was grim.

Best of luck - hope things work out.

Random Reflections said...

anothercookiecrumbles- the team are all very disappointed, but they are a good bunch and will go with it.

People at work are often quite negative, but that doesn't normally include my team. I think one of their main disappointments is that they will probably have to move back to the main office and maybe get caught up in that negativity.

Sarah said...

Oh, that is a mixed bag. I'm glad your team member is on the mend, and it must be such a relief to have some certainty regarding your job, but such a shame about the team.

Hope you don't have to wait to long to resolve the remaining details.

Random Reflections said...

Sarah - I will be very sad to see my team split up, but unfortunately there is no choice. I just hope that whatever team i get next they are as good and constructive as the current one. But I am pleased to be able to stay on in the office, as it is a good place to work and my two new bosses look as though they will be a 'force for good'.

Kahless said...

Yes, mixed news. I am glad you get to stay on, even if just until the end of the financial year.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I am hoping it might get extended again but there are no guarantees (or necessarily any money!). I need to get my new contract as well or I won't get paid in December.