Thursday, October 29, 2009


My team has been given a stay of execution. We can now stay together until the end of December (although I guess the second half of December will be a bit of a right off anyway). After that? Who knows… Maybe we will get another stay of execution of sorts.

Anyway, at work the managers at my grade have been asked to apply for a new project that the office is going to run and it will be the ‘replacement’ for my team. I can apply to run it (and may or may not get it) or if one of the other managers does it then I will backfill their post. They want a side of A4 explaining why we would want to do the job and I am just not sure that I can be bothered to fill out the application. I would be interested in doing the project, but equally would be fine with backfilling the vacated post. But I feel as though I should apply and the work would be quite interesting, but sort of venturing into the unknown… And also possibly entirely reshaping the way that we work, which might or might not be welcome. Hmm, I have a couple of weeks to get the application written, so we shall see if I can summon up the energy.

I am off work tomorrow. I can’t wait.


Kahless said...

Yey!!! for your team!!!

And lucky you with a day off; hope you have a fab time.

ps Delly is a spammer I guess, or is it secret code?

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - Yay indeed!

I am so looking forward to having the day off tomorrow.

I have hopefully deleted Mr Delly, so I am sorry if you were hoping to find out about bus journeys here.