Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I was away last week when the election was announced, although I did see some coverage of it on the rare occasions we were allowed to sit down while we were away. However, even the little bit that I saw bored me. The coverage I have seen since has bored me all the more. I just find all the bickering and politicians trying to outdo each other absolutely pathetic.

I will vote though because I think it is really important for people to do so, and it is difficult to complain about the system if you are not willing to be part of it yourself. But I can imagine that there could be a low turn out due in no small part to the real turn off that this election campaign seems to be. I will have to vote tactically though because my MP is in such a safe seat that there really isn’t much chance of him losing it, but I exercise my vote to put a cross in the box for the party I think might oust him, in the hope that others might turn out and do the same. It’s a slim hope, but a hope nonetheless.

However, regardless of my tactics, a website that might help you to decide who to vote for (and please do vote if you are in the UK…) is one called Vote for Policies. Interestingly, the Greens are in the lead in terms of who people “should” vote for based on their answers, but a colleague pointed out to me that their policies are rather more aspirational and not weighed down by things like facts and figures. (They might well be more grounded in reality, but not in the way they are summarised on the site.) So if you are bored by the campaign but can come to terms with the fact that we are going to have a government of some sort following election day, then it might be worth your time finding someone to vote for*.

*Unless you are going to vote Tory, in which case, please ignore all of the above.



Vote TORY!! NO! NO! Words fail me!

Random Reflections said...

TF - Believe me, there will be no Tory voting going on in this household and my next plan is to work on my parents to make sure that they don't.

Kahless said...

I have posted on my blog my Tory letter, this is my labour email...

Dear Mr Hanson,

Firstly thank-you for representing me and my household as our MP since we moved to this constituency five years ago. Whilst MPs in general have had rather a bashing over expenses this term, I am very clear from my partner that the majority of MPs are extremely hard working and dedicated to their work and this country. I know from the correspondence my partner and I have had with you, that you have represented us.

The reason I am writing to you is that I am thinking about who I should vote for and wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I will be honest with you in saying whilst you are guaranteed my partners vote (I hope she doesn't mind me saying!) I am undecided between yourself and the conservative party candidate.

If I vote based on social issues, then labour is a clear choice. Particularly on equality. My partner has seen real commitment, dedication and support from Labour politicians in this area.

However, I can't neglect the economy in my voting decision. I believe that this country is in for a rough ride over the next number of years. Whilst I have respect for Gordon Brown and he is a bright man, ultimately I believe that we do have to cut back on public sector spending. It is too high. I think Mr Brown realises that he has to cut back here, but is not showing the leadership to take the tough decisions. I am concerned about the hold the unions have on this country. I am concerned that the government is not tackling public sector defined benefit pension schemes which are unsustainable. I am concerned about the indebtedness of the UK plc. Surely we cant increase our debt to GDP ratio any further?

I am really interested to hear your view on the economy, outside from the populist sound bites, and why I should vote for you. I have no firm view on the impact of the NI increase, although I am concerned that many respected business leaders have supported the conservative approach.

I look forward to hearing your response,

Kind regards,


his holding email

thanks for your email - i hope i can help!i will be in touch very soon but have to go out at this time - please be assured i will give you a full response soon


and he smail mailed me a reply (didnt answer all of my questions but hey, he replied!)

I guess you now know my thinking...

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I'm glad he replied and I'm very impressed that you are taking this election so seriously.

Kahless said...

I am catching up on your posts from the bottom upwards.

This was a great link btw. I took the test and came out
Conservatives 75.00%
Labour 25.00%


I scored on europe, crime and the economy as Tory and the NHS as labour!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - 74% Tory! I am speechless! At least you redeem yourself a bit. I see you don't do the "middle-ground" though!