Friday, April 16, 2010


So… tonight the plan was to fly to Glasgow. I hadn’t quite factored in volcanoes as a potential way to scupper this plan. It’s that Iceland again. First they don’t refund us our money when their bank collapsed and now they send plumes of volcanic ash in our direction. This beginning to miff me. I think I might not buy any of their frozen food just to get back at them.

I am reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle at the moment, which I am really enjoying. I have found it really engaging and think it is a great book so far. Except in one part. One part that involved a very graphic description of a man being skinned alive. Oh my goodness. Skinned alive. I have to say that I skimmed read that part and skipped parts of it entirely. It was very descriptive, shall we say. It’s a good book though.



GREAT! I'm glad you're reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Love to hear your views. I found the book somewhat strange but a compulsive read. Oh, I'm blogging again! Hope you'll pop over from time to time :-)

Random Reflections said...

TF - I really like the book (despite the skinning someone alive bit). The author is not dissimilar to Paul Auster, in case that encourages you to try another great author!

I'm pleased you are back blogging. Don't go wandering off again!

Kahless said...