Monday, April 19, 2010


So, we didn’t get to go to Scotland. I was not desperately upset by this, but clearly it was inconvenient. We were going there for a christening (G’s niece), so we missed that, but might go in June instead. So we had a free weekend and we went for a really nice walk in the sunshine, bought a new vacuum cleaner and went to my parents’ for Sunday lunch. Neither of us are going to work today because we had already booked the day off, as we were due to fly back today, and so figured we might as well take the day off anyway.

I was wondering how much food we get by air? Are we going to start seeing panic buying at some point if this flight ban continues for a bit longer? Should we be stocking up on tins and learning to become more self-sufficient? I suspect we are a long way off from being a nation that starts to run out of staple goods, but perhaps I will buy extra supplies of tea bags just in case. It really would be a crisis to run out of tea.

Anyway, I hopefully have a leisurely day ahead. I might spend some of it reading – I have so many books that I want to read at the moment – or doing other such things. I could get used to a life of leisure.


Claire Wilson said...

I'm sorry to hear that you missed out on a trip to Scotland at the weekend...blooming volcanoes! At least you've got a long weekend to enjoy. :-)

I think the majority of food comes by road transport, a lot by ships. But little things, like strawberries from Spain or something might run low :-(

Hope you have a good day relaxing (not that I'm jealous at all...sitting here at my desk, looking out of the window at the lovely blue sky). ;-)

Random Reflections said...

CW - Well, we will get to go some other time. The challenge now is to get through to the airline so that we can get a refund.

Yes, you are probably right about the source of our food - some even comes from Cornwall!

I hope the blue sky didn't distract you too much.

Kahless said...

I didnt thinking of panic panic buying...I am slow.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - that just shows that you are sensible and wise.