Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yesterday I went to buy a Mother’s Day card. There is s shop round the corner from where I work that sells really nice cards and is normally somewhere that I can guarantee getting a good card from. However, this did not prove to be the case this time. The only card I liked was had been reduced in price (which seemed a bit odd in advance of Mother’s Day) and I just felt that it was somehow wrong to buy a cheap card. So I gave up with that shop and managed to find something at another one instead. It still wasn’t ideal, but at least I paid full price for it.

I was watching a programme on TV called Shrink Rap, which was Pamela Stephenson interviewing Heather Mills. I have no idea if I genuinely believed what Heather Mills said, but it certainly gave an interesting insight into her. Anyway, one of the things that Heather Mills was talking about was her need to help other people and Pamela Stephenson explained that the reason why that help would sometimes be rejected is that the very offer of it highlights the lack of something or inadequacy in someone else’s life, which they don’t necessarily want highlighted to them. I thought that was an interesting point and I can see an element of truth in it, although I don’t think it applies in all situations. I shall ponder that further.


Claire Wilson said...

I'm dreading having to buy a card for my Mum for Mother's Day. Everything seems so..."generic". One card-fits-all type of thing. In the past, I would photograph something purposefully for her and have it printed up and made into a little card but I'm not sure I've got enough time this year, so it will definitely mean a trip to the shops :-(

I can see Pamela Stephenson's point. It's really nice to offer to help people but it only really works if they want to be helped. For example, it would be like telling someone with alcoholic tendencies that it might be a good idea if they try A.A. They're going to hit the wall. I don't think many people would be ready to have their inadequacies highlighted by someone else, even if it is meant in a charitable manner.

Anyway. It sounds like an interesting show.Was it on terrestrial? Maybe I could watch it online, like BBCi or equivalent. :-)

Random Reflections said...

CW - the shop near work is normally ideal for getting cards that are not the run of the mill, but this time it let me down. Perhaps I have will have to commission you to sort cards out for me in future!

Pamela Stephenson's comment really struck me because I have a friend who is really in need of help, but she just won't accept it from anyone. I have often wondered what holds her back and maybe this is it (in part at least). I think it is useful to think about for myself as well. Do I sometimes feel offended by offers of help - and if so why is that?

The programme is on More 4. It is on again tonight and this time it is Stephen Fry. Heather Mills was a few weeks ago, but it is one of the programmes that is in my massive back catalogue of programmes to watch. I think you can see the episodes on 4 on demand.

Kahless said...

I would have bought the cheap card!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - it just would have felt so wrong...