Wednesday, March 31, 2010


On the way home tonight there were various delays on the tube. As I went to walk out through the barriers, my Oyster card didn’t work and the woman behind me did a slightly sarcastic and exasperated “oh God...”. I turned round and said, rather dryly, “sorry to have inconvenienced you”. I think the woman had not expected me to hear, let alone respond to, her comment. However, I think she then suffered one of those moments where she hoped the ground would open up beneath her, and she skulked out of the station.

Today is my last day in the office for a week and a half. Hooray! I seem to have lots to do with my day. Not least because I am in a meeting all afternoon. When I agreed to the meeting, I hadn’t really taken much notice of the specific date and that it was not actually terribly convenient in that sense. One of my team still has to hit her target as well, and she might achieve it if I have got enough time to turn her work round for her. I think I am going to need a holiday after today.

I might be back here some time in the next couple of days, but if not, I am away on hols on Saturday for a week. So, Happy Easter, just in case.


Claire Wilson said...

I really hope you have a great holiday. I'm off after today too (yipee!). Isn't the last day at work for a holiday always the worst?

Happy Easter break,


3.1 said...

It was a long day, no? I was working in the morning when it all went tits up on the Jubilee line and had to deal with trains being stuck on platforms and not moving everywhere for half-hour at a time. People tutting and looking at me and making lots of loud comments with swear words in for me to hear-but-not-hear... Yes - because I can suddenly magic up a fix to multiple signal failures at Canary Wharf...

Enjoy the week off. The weather's getting nicer.

Kahless said...

Happy Easter (belatedly)

I hope you have had a good holiday.

Random Reflections said...

CW - it was a great holiday and a really good (but tiring!) break. I hope you had a good Easter.

3.1 - My next door neighbours both work for London Underground and so I know the pain suffered by staff! I hope you had a good Easter.

Kahless - Happy belated Easter to you too. Our holiday was marvellous!