Friday, March 05, 2010


I have realised that having a Freeview box with a recordable hard drive is quite a commitment. It is so easy to record things entirely on a whim and the list of programmes to watch gets ever longer. It seems to be stuck at around the 80 mark, even though I am watching programmes that we have recorded. That is hour upon hour of viewing (at least 160 hours at a guess). I am going to have to set aside a week that involves no sleep or work and having someone wait on me hand and foot in order to catch up – except it is like holding back the tide because the list keeps growing.

Of course, that plan would also mean less time for reading books. It seems that I would not be the first person to go cold turkey though. I have to ask thought, if you were going to write an article for a national newspaper about your reading habits, would the first thing you mention be that you always read on the toilet? I am thinking I might want to portray a slightly different image of myself.


Kahless said...

She was obviously trying to get a laugh but I agree, best to paint another picture.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I guess at least it got people talking.